Lost Ark Rovlen World Boss Location Where To Find & How To Kill Him

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. There are a lot of things to do and ways to increase your level, get better gears and loots. But one of the best ways to get good gear and huge experience is by defeating the world boss.

Rovlen is one of the world bosses that can be found in the Bilbrin Forest area. At the bottom-left part of the map. Below you will find the exact location in Bilbrin Forest where to find Rovlan and how to defeat him.

Note: If you can’t find the boss at that location, this means some group has already been defeated. The world boss spawns after an interval of 30 minutes. You could try asking other players if the boss is available on another channel. Channels can be changed at the top right side of the corner.

Lost Ark Rovlen Location

Rovlen can be found on the continent of West Luterra in the Bilbrin Forest. Check out the above image to find the exact location. You can use the triport near the grayhammer mine and from there head over to the location marked in the above image.

Lost Ark How To Defeat Rovlen

Make sure to not head on solo directly with Rovlen if are under level. The world boss level will be 25 and has an x23 health bar. You need to make a party with your friends and attack the world boss together. Make sure to have some healers with you at your raid party.

The attacks that Rovlen uses are the tentacles attack in the rectangle area in front of him. That you can dodge by dashing sidewards. Poisonous area damage around him and also slams the ground around him. You need lookout for the red marker on the ground to predict the damage area and need to get out of that red circle.

It also hides inside a cocoon and regenerates its HP, while it does so there will be tentacles coming out of the ground around him. You need to destroy these tentacles to stop Rovlen from regenerating and then hit the cocoon. Once you defeat him you will get a lot of health potions and gears.

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