Dying Light 2- Korek Charm And Infinite Durability In Dev Room

Dying LightIn Dying Light 2 we have been searching all the way to repair or increase the weapon durability after consistent usage against the infected and all types of enemies. Since the beginning, it felt like there was an important feature missing. However, as we started to advance and obtain the high damage dealing Artifact Level weapons, from a collector’s perspective it was quite hard to use and deplete the weapon as we knew it will break down with no chance of preserving it. The devs have a real surprise waiting for us or a blessing in the form of Korek Charm. Why Korek Charm is important or really a big deal? Well once you find out about it, your gaming experience will drastically change.

Korek Charm And Infinite Durability In Dev Room At Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

We have already covered how to unlock the door and enter the devs room and what you need to do in order to collect the Finger Gun. In front of the TV, there would be sofas where you can sit by the campfire. There are a total of 4 sitting places arranged to surround the table where the devs letter is kept. There is no order to sit but make sure that you sit in all 4 places including on top of the small pillow that is placed on the floor which was hard to notice.

Once you spend enough time on each sofa, the Kodek Charm will appear out of thin air beside the Devs letter while sitting on the final seat of the sofa. In the Charm Socket, Apply the Kodek Charm and it will simply replenish the Durability. Now your favorite Artifact Weapons even if their damage is less can be used without worrying about breaking them.

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