Dying Light 2- How To Get Dying Force Secret Weapon Of Star Wars

Dying LightIn Dying Light 2, the game might have bugs and glitches, however, the references and secret egg which devs have prepared for us is simply brilliant and worth playing. I didn’t even imagine that you will be able to use Star Wars infamous “Force” to lift infected or enemies a few feet up. It can be yours if you complete the ritual successfully. In this post, we have explained what you need and how to complete the set of challenges to obtain the Dying Force.

How To Get Dying Force Secret Weapon Of Star Wars In Dying Light 2

The condition to obtain Dying Force Blueprint and tap into the “Force” is to complete the Main Story Quest “Broadcast” and collect 5 Evil Black Duck. These Ducks are found rather inside the safebox or be placed in the open.

Dying Light 2

The First Black Duck, you can find will be inside the same vicinity of an Inhibitor. In Garrison, climb on top of the skyscraper of VNC Tower as shown in the image to descend down one floor and access the loots. Open the safe box by entering the code 6/6/6 and collecting the Evil Black Duck.

Dying Light 2

The Second Black Duck, you can find will be just outside the territory of Garrison as shown in the image above. Climb inside one of the abandoned watchtowers to collect the second black duck.

Dying Light 2Black Duck Location

The Third Black Duck, can be found in The Wharf as shown in the image above. The marker of inhibitor will lead you inside an abandoned ship. After reaching the container, climb top on the railing and jump from the spot as marked in the image above to jump beside the foundation pillar (recommended to come in the morning). The submerged car can be lockpicked where the third black duck is collected inside the water.

Dying Light 2Dying Light 2

The Fourth Black Duck, can be found in the Lower Dam Ayre as shown in the image above. Near the water, it will be placed on top of the things where ropes are tied to ensure the small boats don’t sail off as shown in the image above.

ForceBlack Duck Location 5

The Fifth Black Duck, can be found in the Houndfield as shown in the image above near the campsite. After the border, chemical wastes are laid down. Not far from the campsite, the middle of the pond as marked in the image above shows where you can find the final Black Duck.


Enter VNC Tower and access the Elevator to Basement. Swim straight forward all the way across to reach the other side of the basement. Enter the door on the right whose window is broken, to reach all the way to the Elevator in order to travel to Level 0. The elevator will bring down to some kind of altar.

Place all 5 Evil Black Ducks on the table and connect all the cables forming a star. Pull the cable from the working substation and ignore the first left/right and connect the cable straight to another substation. Move clockwise or counter-clockwise, it doesn’t matter. What matters is playing the challenge Hangar.

Stick to the right side and advance forward until you reach the Hell chamber that contains an acid pond on both sides. Move past the entrance of the alleyway and eliminate all hell spawns. Do not move past the alley because there is a secret door on the right that can be opened up. Stick to the right and move forward till you reach another pond where the Dying Force Blueprint will be placed on top of a yellow-colored platform.

To craft Dying Force, it will require 369 Scraps which is again expensive but worth the fun and adventure. It is used similar to the Finger Gun. If you are up for more informative guides on Dying Light 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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