Dying Light 2- Baptism Of Poland Safe Code Riddle Answer

Dying Light

In Dying Light 2, there is yet another safe code that we will find in one of the nightrunner’s hideouts and the hint we have been given is Baptism Of Poland at Dum nightrunner hideout observatory. We know that some are easy and some are difficult riddles. This might be the case if we are not familiar with the term and it fits into the category where we don’t have any idea what it is.

Baptism Of Poland Safe Code Riddle Answer In Dying Light 2

If any one of us is a historian or has any interest in history who managed to answer the riddle or know what and when Baptism Of Poland occurred to open the safe box is an absolute maniac. Baptism Of Poland is known for the process of introducing and spreading Christianity in Poland. The ceremony took place on Holy Saturday of 14 April 966.

The year 966 or 9/6/6 is the safe code that needs to be entered to unlock and collect the content inside i.e. Evil Red Rubber Duck. After collecting the Evil Red Rubber Duck, we hear the ringing sound of the bike. We don’t know for a fact what it is and whether we will get a bike to ride on the road which is simply outrageous and goofy. If we learn more about what is the purpose of Evil Red Rubber Duck and why it disappears in your Inventory, we will update it soon.

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