Sifu How To Spare Bosses & Get The Alternate Ending


Sifu is an action adventurer fighting game developed by Sloclap. There are two endings in this game, where the first one is your character takes revenge on all the assassins. While in the other one you spare all the assassin’s lives after defeating them and do not seek revenge. Below you will find how to spare assassin lives and unlock trophies.

Sifu How To Spare Bosses

To spare the boss’s life in Sifu, you must first reach the second phase of the boss. Once you are in the second phase break his structure once but do not take them down. You need to break their structure again and stand close to them, to show a dialogue option. Upon choosing the dialogue option, your character will spare the bosses.

If you spare all the 5 bosses in this game, you will obtain an alternate ending and unlock an achievement called Legendary Talismans of Wuxing. Upon sparing the life of each boss you will earn a talisman and unlock a trophy.

But sparing the boss’s life doesn’t seem to be as easy as it sounds. You need to first get accustomed to the moves of the bosses and parry their attacks to quickly fill their guard meter. Sometimes while breaking their guard structure twice, their health might drop to zero and you might kill them.

You need to keep parrying and give a little bit of damage so that they have enough health once their first guard breaks. After that parry again and when their guards break for the second time, quickly press the left side dialogue button else they might regain their structure and you have to break it again.

If you are trying to get the alternate ending, one small mistake or killing one of the bosses might ruin it. You need to again re-run the same stage to spare the boss life.

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