Lost Ark Song Of Escape & How To Change Mouse Controls

Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. To escape dungeons and islands easily you need to use the song of escape which has a very less cooldown. In the second dungeon, you are introduced to the song of escape. Below you will also find out how to change all the keyboard and mouse controls in this game.

Lost Ark Song Of Escape How To Escape Dungeons & Islands

Once you reach the main quest “Legends and Fairytales” you will unlock the music sheet song “Song Of Escape”. This item is very useful to escape from dungeons and islands where you are stuck. The cooldown of the item is also very less that is of 1 minute.

To use the item “Song Of Escape” you need to go to the adventure menu, click on sheet music, and there select the “Song Of Escape”. You can also press your F2 button on the keyboard to directly open the music sheet. There are various other songs that will be useful to you for fast travel. These music sheets are unlocked while completing the main quest. You can also drag the “Song of Escape” to the action bar and use it by just pressing a button.

Lost Ark How To Change Mouse Controls

There are various controls that can be a bit hard to remember at the start of the game. You can customize your controls according to your preference in this game.

To customize your controls, you need to press the ESC button and go to the game menu. There you need to select the settings option. Once you are in the setting option, select hotkeys. There you can change all the controls of the game according to your preference but remember as there are multiple controls, some key binds might overlap with each other that you need to change.

Note: The mouse button is locked according to the preference that you selected during your character creation. But in Basic controls under hotkeys, the fourth option can be the mouse setting. Toggle that on or off to interchange the binds of your mouse.

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