Dying Light 2 Let Lawan Detonate The Bomb or Save Lawan Both Endings

dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action survival role-playing game developed by Techland. There might 4 to 5 endings in this game depending on how you have made your playthrough and which characters you decided to kill or spare. Below you will find the result about Aiden’s sister Mia and if she survives or not.

Dying Light 2 Let Lawan Detonate Bomb Or Save Lawan Both Choice Result

If you reached the end, the missiles have already been initiated and the only way to stop them is by letting Lawan plant the bombs on them and destroy them. You also finally meet Mia who needs the X13 facility to survive.

The two choices you get in the end are either to save Mia or let Lawan detonate the bomb. The choices can have multiple endings depending on your previous playthrough if you have chosen to save Hakon or not.

If you let Lawan detonate the bomb then she will die and Aiden will leave the city on his own. If you have saved Hakon, even if you let Lawan detonate the bomb, Hakon will save her at the last moment. If survivors control the city then Hakon will leave with you at the end, if peacekeepers run the city, Aiden will leave the city alone.

When you let Lawan detonate the bombs, X13 was going to be destroyed, so Aiden tries to save Mia but she was so weak that she survives for a few hours only. In the end, Aiden buries her under an old oak tree and leaves the city.

If you save Lawan, Aiden will take an inhibitor and rush towards Lawan within a timespan of 2 minutes. Once you reach Lawan, you will carry her and save but the city missile will fall on Old Villedor completely destroying it and taking innocent lives. In the end, it shows that Aiden leaves the city alone if Hakon is dead. If Hakon remains alive, Aiden will leave the city of Hakon as they made a promise at the beginning.

Note: You need to side with survivors and romance with Lawan previously for her to leave the city with you.

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