Approximate Number Of Pi Code In Dying Light 2

Dying Light

In Dying Light 2, we can locate the safe boxes in various structures or vicinity during the exploration. Due to the help of Survivor Sense, no resources or boxes are hidden, however, the riddles and puzzles might not seem to be fairly easy which is connected to the safe code. These safe boxes can contain any kind of valuables, similarly during the main story quest, “Broadcast” in Garrison Electrical Station where you need to get the substation running by connecting cables. This vicinity contains resources as well as a safe box and a riddle “Approximation number of Pi” for the safe box code. If you are wondering what might be the code or the number of pi that the note is talking about then you are at the right post.

Approximate Number Of Pi Code In Dying Light 2

An actual number of pi or the ratio of a circumference of a circle to the diameter and its decimal representation never ends. It is widely used in mathematics calculation i.e 3.142, however, the number can go up to millions and billions of decimal places. Though it cannot be entered into the safe box, the maximum number or digit that can be entered is 6 and the minimum is 3.

Widely known number i.e. 3.14 up to 3 decimal place is the safe code which is 3/1/4 to unlock the safe and collect the Inhibitor placed. An inhibitor is an important resource that simply enhances and boost your physical attribute. It can be found in military boxes or in GRE containers as well where we are simply notified of its distance when entering a 50m radius from it.

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