Sifu How To Regain / Increase Health & Unlock Skills Permanently


Sifu is an action adventurer fighting game developed by Sloclap. The main objective is the game to keep training on your martial arts skills, perfect the dodge, block, and parry. Hit the enemies with the different combos and with multiple runs you will somewhat get accustomed to the enemies’ movement.

There are two bars in the game that you need to keep an eye on. Your health bar and the guard bar. If you keep blocking enemies’ attacks, your guard meter will fill gradually. When completely filled, your guard will break and you will take damage upon hit.

Watch out for the power moves of the bosses as their legs or feet will glow while attacking you. Blocking these attacks will result in quickly filling up the guard meter, so you need to avoid these moves by holding the block button and using the navigation up or down button.

Sifu How To Increase Or Regain Health

With each takedown of any thug, you gain a small amount of health back. To take down the thugs you need to press the strong attack + weapon pick-up button together. To increase the amount of health gain by a takedown you need to visit a shrine.

Shrines are located at a certain area of a stage where you need to choose the second option in the age bar that increases health gained on takedowns. After defeating the mini-bosses of the stage, your health bar will fill automatically.

Sifu How To Unlock Skill Permanently

To unlock a skill permanently you need to first unlock the particular skill. After that, you can spend the 5x amount of the XP you used to unlock the skill to permanently gain it. As in this game, once all your charm is lost or you die after the age of 70, the game is over. And all the skills you have purchased or shine rewards you unlocked will be lost.

You do not have to spend the 5x amount of XP at once, rather you can unlock that 5 times to permanently obtain it even if the game is over. The skill will be there for you for the next run. You can open a skill tree after death,  using a shrine or the tree in your Wuguan

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