Sifu Age Mechanic Maximum Age Limit & What Does Aging Does In Game


Sifu is an action adventurer fighting game developed by Sloclap. In this game, you train for 20 years in order to take revenge on your father’s killers. There will be 5 ruthless assassins that you need to kill in each round and each boss will have two phases.

Each time you die in this game, you will be able to rise with the help of the charm. But each time you rise, the effect of the charm reduces and eventually breaks off. Once you have broken your charm completely you won’t be able to resurrect.

Below you will find a brief guide on how the aging features work and the toll it takes on your character.

Sifu Age Mechanic Guide

Each time you die, your kill meter will increase, and when you resurrect your age will increase according to the kill meter. For example, you have died two times, so now your kill meter has 2 counts and when you resurrect your age will be increased by 2.

The maximum age limit in Sifu is 70, once you cross that age limit, your charm can’t help you to resurrect. If you die once, the game will be over. There are two ways to reduce your kill meter.

You need to defeat special thugs, these special thugs will have a golden aura around them. Else you can defeat the mini-bosses of the stage. The second method is by using the shrine and spending 1000Xp to make the kill meter 0.

You start the game at the age of 20 and as you keep aging a decade your damage increases but the health bar decreases. Your age is recorded when you complete a stage and the next time you start the game, it will be the same as you left. To change your starting age of different stages, you need to complete the previous stage with less age or by not dying.

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