Dying Light 2- Welcome On Board Juan And All Other Choices Result

Dying Light

While tracking the “Welcome On Board” Story quest, we need to converse with a whole lot of people, and apparently talking to Jack Matt is just the beginning. In this post, we have explained all choices from start to end in chronological order and which one of the choices will have a greater impact in future quests.

Welcome On Board Juan And All Other Choices Result In Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

Jack Matt- Just tell me what you have.

To Jack Matt, if you choose this option to remain tough and not disclose any further information about it. He will respect and not pursue the matter “For now.” He called due to the fact that he knows about the whereabouts of GRE scientists who will give valuable insider information about what Aiden is looking for i.e. her sister.

Jack Matt- I’m looking for my sister.

Jack will confront that we both have the common enemy i.e. Waltz who is Butcher’s right-hand man who pumps all his men full of inhibitors. As both have the same cause and goal, it would be beneficial for both.

Later when you meet Juan, there you would have 3 choices that we have mentioned below to break down what will happen if you select one of these.

Dying Light 2

Ask Juan for help.

He is quite clever and calls your bluff and lies. Even if you ask for his help with lamps, he will question whether you need the lamps or Jack needs them. Later he will flirt and ask you to try harder without dissolving the other two choices if you have selected this as your first choice.

Threaten Juan.

He would call your bluff as he is in charge of all the supplies which is pretty important and he knows his worth. Just a harmless conversation without dissolving the other two choices.

Convince Juan it’s worth his while to trust you.

Selecting this choice in the end or at the beginning will simply not convince him at all. However, once you have exhausted all the choices your quest is over as there is no way to please him for now.


Lawan’s Truth Or Dare Game (If you select to play the game)

Answer the truth

If you have not slept with anyone in Villedor yet, then Rowe will be astonished and Lawan will stand up for you.


Without revealing anything you bottoms up the drink and the game goes on to Rowe.


Ask Rowe to sing.

He will start singing you’re my ragamuffin…

Ask what he did before all this.

You ask Rowe to tell the truth about his past and Lawan supports you as she doesn’t want to hear him singing. He claims to be a father and a husband before working with the Peacekeeper. Sadly, they were murdered by a group of raiders who tried to get their food. He fought but was easily outnumbered and lost it all.

Dying Light 2

How did the hit list start?

She will explain that it started with one and it continued. She tried to hide it but then explains how she escaped from Waltz and what is Frank’s current situation when all nightrunners were wiped out at the VNC Tower i.e. gave up on everything.

What did you do after escaping the Waltz?

She did anything to survive and when asked like what? she denies speaking much and talks about Frank just like the other option and moves out from the game.


Drinking with Juan


After drinking, Juan is curious about why Matt wants the lamp. Aiden explains that to control the TV Tower which was never tried before. War might not end better for both sides and the last thing they need is war. So, Jack must be hiding something as he has been ordering way more lamps than he was supposed to or needed.

He claimed that he had spies inside Renegades and he has his own way of getting information much faster than Matt. Here the major choice will lead to a different quest. So which one you are picking?


If you refuse to drink, he will appreciate your choice and ask why Matt wanted the lamps. The same dialogues will go on until you have to select among these Dying Light 2 options:

Dying Light 2

I can help you.

Selecting to help each other will please him. He will give you a lamp to avoid suspicion and have a job for you to fix the old spy tech in “Cathedral”. It would be used to tap Matt’s comms and learn where the UV lamps are disappearing.

I’ll stick with Matt.

He will be disappointed by your choice as he claims that he is not your enemy. You wanted a lamp, then you will search for the missing squad in “The Lost Light”.

There might be future endeavors and changes which we will update after we find one. Till then you can read other informative posts on Dying Light 2, that has been mentioned below the description:

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