Dying Light 2- Safe Code For Moonshine Quest In Horseshoe Water Tower

Dying Light

In Dying Light 2 there is a number of safe boxes which require code and the hints are either found in the same vicinity or mentioned to you during the quest. The Moonshine quest requires that you help Jack and Joe get something to drink as they are not getting one i.e. Moonshine alcohol. It is stored in one of the safe boxes present in the Water Tower where you last had an encounter with them. The safe code was given in riddles and we have deciphered and entered the safe code meant to be entered in order to obtain and complete the quest.

Safe Code For Moonshine Quest In Horseshoe Water Tower For Dying Light 2

After you let Jack and Joe escape from the Horseshoe Water Tower, you will find them behind the bars in The Wharf. This quest is only available if you have not killed them in the Water Tower, so if you are one of those who helped them get away from Old Villedor then you can earn free rewards and XP and enjoy having conversations with these dynamic duos once again.

Jack had almost forgotten what was the code i.e. 14/8… or 14/9… something. Joe interrupted and explains to Jack that code was the year when America was discovered. Therefore the final code to open the safe would be 14/9/2.

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