Dying Light 2- Water Tower Walkthrough

Dying LightDying Light 2 players are experiencing bugs and glitches during missions or cutscenes and whatnot even during combat or parkour. So, it is quite difficult to differentiate whether you are stuck in a mission due to a bug or your own incompetence in finding the path or way to complete the mission inside Quest Area. In this guide, we have provided a complete walkthrough of the Water Tower and where to find all the explosives that you need to disarm.

Water Tower Walkthrough In Dying Light 2

As you reach the Watch Tower and picklock the front door, you will have to find and disarm the explosives straightforward. So, if we are wondering if we found the first explosives and why the quest is not updated then, it is not a bug but the game fails to inform us that there are a total of 3 explosive charges which have to be find and disarmed.

The first explosive would be placed on the bottom floor of the tower fairly where the marker is shown. It is easy, however, the second and third explosives need you to perform parkour in order to reach the upper floors.

To find a second explosive climb up the blue boxes to reach the window. Later climb up the tower performing parkour by climbing and jumping up from one platform to another. Once you reach the platform top, drop down the ladder to gain access if you fall down or respawn again. Break the wooden door and turn on the torchlight to disarm the explosive.

The third explosive is placed on the higher tower and to reach that you will need to look up inside the chamber from where you disarmed the second explosive. There would be a window on top that can be reached after climbing up the barrels. It was hard to find at the nighttime. Simple parkour and once you reach the highest floor of the Water Tower, you will confront Jack and Joe with the choices. If you want to know what are the choices are and what each of them leads you to then you can click on the link that has been mentioned below along with other posts.

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