Dying Light 2 True Friends All Choice Result Tell The Truth Or Lie Dominik

dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action survival role-playing game developed by Techland. A true friend is one of the side quests that you get in the Bazaar by talking to Nerys. She is worried that her boys are missing and that usually doesn’t happen.

Your job in this quest is to find out about the boys by looking around the bazaar and then help the boys to get back safely to the bazaar. This quest has a bit of a twisted story about life and the animal instinct of humans when it’s a matter of survival.

Below you will find a spoiler and walkthrough about the quest, if you don’t want to know about the spoiler, you can directly scroll to the bottom of the page for the choice results.

Dying Light 2 Leave Buddy Or Put It Out Of Misery

At first, you need to find a boy called Dominik around the Bazaar, you will have to interrupt him sharply while he is constantly talking about his dog friend Buddy. After finding out the location of Scott and Moe, you need to reach the marker location where Scott will already be out and Moe is stuck in the building.

You need to reach the top floor and locate Moe where you will get a choice to either ask him nicely or call out he is lying. Either way to story goes the same and he will tell you really what happened and how they ended up inside the building. After that, you need to kill all the infected and clear the building for Moe to escape.

Once you have cleared the building, you will meet Moe on the top floor where you will also find Buddy. The dog will be laying down on the sofa injured where you will get two choices to either leave him be or put him out of the misery. Here the choices don’t change the outcome of the quest but depend on you if you have the heart to put the dog out of misery.

Dying Light 2 Tell Dominik Truth Or Lie All Choice Result

After helping Moe out of the building, return back to the Bazaar where Dominik will insist Scott and Moe help him look for his dog, Buddy. Now you will have three choices which are

  • Buddy died saving Scott and Moe
  • Scott and Moe lied to you
  • Scott and Moe will tell you everything

In the first choice, you hide the fact that Scott and Moe was the one who lured the dog. This way there are no hard feelings among the survivors and the kids. The mom Nerys thank you for that.

In the second choice, you tell the complete truth to Dominik and the situation around the room gets heated up. The mom is not happy with the outcome.

In the third choice, you let the kids come out clean while Scott is the one trying to hide the fact. Moe comes clean and tells everything to Dominik. Dominik gets angry with the boys but the mom will thank you, for letting her kids take responsibility while she is unhappy with how she raised the kids.

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