Dying Light 2- Sophie Or Aitor In Raid Story Quest All Choices Result

Dying LightIn Dying Light 2 we support one faction and offend another as there are no ways to please them both due to the fact they both are on each other’s necks. Sophie wanted to attack Bandit’s Camp and kill Jack and Joe’s lieutenant where you help her to liberate Carl and camp after capturing the post. The continuation of the Story will direct you towards Tango Motel. Once you make it all the way to the designated front door, Hakon will contact you and suggest you go back to Aitor and stop getting deep and involved in local conflicts. Here, you will have to make a major choice that will alter your story and for that, we have provided this post to know what will be the consequences of your choice.

Sophie Or Aitor In Raid Story Quest All Choices Result For Dying Light 2

Go To Aitor

If you select this choice after listening and submitting it to whatever Hakon said, then you will be on your way to the Peacekeeper’s HQ to report Aitor. Aitor will then reveal his plan to get control of the Water Tower which Jack and Joe are currently in control of. The Raid Story quest will end and you will progress through the main story to decide the fate of Jack and Joe along with which faction gets control of the Water Tower.

Go And Meet Sophie

Sticking to your promise and learning the truth behind all of these, you chose to help her and search the Motel. Apart from all the loots, you will find Peacekeeper’s dead bodies inside. Once you reach the roof, there would be an active radio through which you try to convey what the situation is to Aitor. At that instance, Barney will barge in and catch you red-handed helping Aitor.

After eliminating a few survivors, Hermann will barge in when you approach the door. The boss fight will trigger and after defeating him, you can get out and confront Sophie and Barney where you will have to make another choice i.e.

We can help each other

You try to persuade Sophie by letting her know why you are helping Aitor and what’s your real motive behind this. As the metro is the only way to reach the Center and Peacekeeper are in charge of it, this was the only way he can get through. However, Sophie will promise you a passage to the Central Loop herself if you help her. Later there is another choice where you have to simply confirm whether you are helping her or not. If you are deep into this conversation, it is obvious that we selected to help her with the situation of Water Tower. Speaking of which if we back off now and don’t help her, we can guess that Barney and Sophie will leave you letting you report back to Aitor and go on along to capture the Water Tower.

Try me!

If you select this choice it shows that you are quite serious about the investigation of Commander Lucas’s death. Sophie will not kill you but let you live as you are better to her alive than dead. Sophie and Barney will leave the motel, whereas you will depart to the Peacekeeper’s HQ and report everything to Aitor. He will be the one to give you the Water Story quest.

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