Dying Light 2 How To Save Damien Missing Person Interrupt or Do Nothing

dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action survival role-playing game developed by Techland. While meeting people from the Bazaar you will come across an NPC called Damien who will offer you a shady job and tell you to visit a location. After interacting with Damien the “Missing Persons” side quest will be activated.

This quest has a few twists to it and there are three different outcomes at the end. In the end, Damien blames himself for all the missing people and trying to jump from the top of Bazaar, You need to choose to correct choice and save Damien from jumping as well as from the people of Bazaar who will hang him if they know the truth.

Below you will find a brief walkthrough of the missing person quest and how to save Damien from jumping and hanging.

Dying Light 2 Save Damien By Not Letting Him Jump

Once you visit the shady location, you have to fight a few goons and later you will blame Damien for setting you up. There it doesn’t matter which choice to choose to either tell Carl or help Damien the story outcome will be the same.

After that, you need to confront Damien in the Bazaar and then look out for his brother. Once you find his brother, you will know the truth about all the missing people and again have to fight some goons.

In the end, you need to return to Bazaar where Damien will be blaming himself for all the missing people and was about to jump. You need to climb the tower and interact with Damien.

There the first choice you will get is to talk about life, about his brother, and about not jumping. You need to select “About Life”.

Then the second choice you need to select is that you will jump too. Upon choosing these lines, Damien will have a change of heart and will not jump. Then a guy from Bazaar will come and ask Damien about what was his fault. There you need to interrupt Damien so that the survivors don’t get to know the truth. If they get to know the truth, they will hang Damien for all the persons that went missing because of him.

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