Dying Light 2- Help Jack And Joe Or Fight All Choices Result

Dying LightIn Dying Light 2, Jack and Joe would be the highlight of the early or Water Tower Story quest. The major choices to either help them to get out of the city or simply reject to help them will affect the future. Helping them or not but spoiler alert, you will have to make another choice which will affect the whole city alignment whether to support the Bazaar survivors or Peacekeepers. All of the information is explained in detail below as we are intrigued to know what will happen to them in the future.

Help Jack And Joe Or Fight All Choices Result In Dying Light 2

“Jack” being the sensible one and “Joe” being the rabid dog is a wholesome duo who will be arguing whether to blow up the explosives placed in the Water Tower or not. After interrupting them and learning their situation, you will either have a chance to help or not.

I will help you.

Selecting this choice will lead you to help them escape from the Old Villedor. It will resolve the situation peacefully and later meet them at the old tunnel in the Tango Motel to help them flee. They will also give you a side quest Moonshine later on when you meet them in The Wharf behind the bars.

I won’t help you.

This choice will trigger a boss battle against these two where you have to defeat them obviously. After defeating them and murdering them in cold blood assign the Water Tower to gain benefits from either survivors or peacekeepers.

Whom To Select And Assign Water Tower

If you select the survivors, then they will build a stronghold around the Water Tower and ziplines that make it easy for running around and performing parkour.

If you select and let peacemakers rule this part of the city due to the facility assigned in Horseshoe Water Tower, then they will construct safe zones and Car traps on the road that will attract and eliminate a whole bunch of enemies. It is very useful to farm Combat XP in the nighttime when you have the bonus.

It’s up to you whether to help them for an additional side quest and XP reward later or kill them as an insignificant character in the Old Villedor. For more informative guides on Dying Light 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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