Dying Light 2 Only Way Out Walkthrough Look For Maya & Bug Fixes

dying light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action survival role-playing game developed by Techland. The only way out is quite a big main quest that can take up some of your time and it will start once you reach the bazaar after completing the intro.

Once you reach the bazaar you will have to wait for Hakon by spending some time there. During this quest, I have faced a bug multiple times where the quest marker is stuck and you can’t progress further. The first time it got stuck was when you have to spend time in the bazaar.

After that, the marker has been stuck multiple times, and the only way to fix this was to quit the game, return to the main menu and continue the game once again. This seems to resolve the issue for a short period of time. Hope this bug might get fixed in the upcoming update.

Below you will find a  brief walkthrough on how to complete the main quest “Only Way Out” and look out for Maya.

Dying Light 2 Only Way Out Walkthrough

Once you reach the bazaar you will get another quest to meet the people of the bazaar you can use your survivor sense to locate NPC with a green aura and talk to them. You will get side quests from them that you can complete to get rewards.

After that, you need to talk with Hakon who will tell you to go through the metro tunnels. There you will have to open the airlock and while doing so you will get caught by PK(Peacekeepers). They will take you to their current leader Aitor who will ask you to find Lucas’s killer.

After that, you need to talk to Hakon and find the brass knuckles thief  Hubert Kerbatsos. Once you reach the quest area, you will find an NPC sitting on the windmill with whom you need to interact. After that, there will be a chase where you need to catch Hubert and he will tell you about a girl who was trying to sell the Knuckles called Maya.

After talking with Maya, report back to Aitor who will ask you to find Lucas Killer before opening the tunnel. Come outside and talk to Hakon who will point you towards Sophie. Talk with Sofie and gain her trust by completing one of the bazaar side quests and then help Sopfie’s brother Barney. After that comeback and talk with Sophie to complete the “Only Way Out” quest.

Note: If during the mission, the quest marker is stuck or you could progress in the main quest, restart the game and try again.

Dying Light 2 Look For Maya Where To Find

Once you enter the building, go towards the left side and in one of the rooms, you have to look up. There you will find a hole to go to the upper floor where you will find an inhibitor and Maya.

While interacting with Maya you will get two options to either negotiate for the brass knuckle or tell her you don’t pay and PK will be angry if she doesn’t return it. If you negotiate you just have to pay her 10 coins and if you select you don’t pay, Aiden will scare her to get the brass knuckle.

Note: If after reaching the upper floor you couldn’t find Maya, that means the game is bugged and you need to quit the game to the main menu and continue again.

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