Dying Light 2- How To Repair Weapons Or Increase Durability

Dying Light

In Dying Light 2 we are accustomed to the varieties of melee weapons as it was the first means of defense or offense against the mindless infected. The more you use your weapons, the more their durability decreases. Is there any way to increase the durability or repair the weapons? We have covered everything you need to know about it in this post.

How To Repair Weapons Or Increase Durability In Dying Light 2

The weapons are categorized or sorted with specific colors Yellow i.e. “Legendary” and Grey i.e. “Common”. The major difference between these weapons is that they offer more durability which means more use than other weapons. The longer you use the weapons in combat and hit enemies, the more durability will gradually drop and wear down your weapon.

The advantage of rare or epic weapons has mod slots. If you have not used mods yet, then there are various mods that strengthen or increase the lethality of your weapon. Similarly, to strengthen the weapon there is a Reinforcement modification that can be attached to your weapons to decrease the rate of durability loss. There are different levels in the Reinforcement modification that strengthens the effectiveness. You can purchase Reinforcement Modification from the Craftmasters, however, it’s sad that you cannot restore weapons durability.

It is recommended to either stash or keep better weapons in your backpack and use it on the night phase when Infected are higher in number and level. Other than that there is no efficient way to use your weapon. Later, you can replenish the durability by applying the Korek Charm after you have an access to the VNC Tower. For more informative guides on Dying Light 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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