Dying Light 2- Bow Location Or How To Get Your First Bow

Dying LightDuring the main story campaign of Dying Light 2, we must have noticed the blueprint of Fire Arrow in possession of Craftmaster. As we know that in Dying Light 1 we had an arsenal of weapons that also includes guns including melee weapons which simplified the nightrunners survivability and increased the combat prowess. However, in Dying Light 2 at the beginning, there is no sight of any guns and bullets as it might be very difficult to produce or obtain in the post-apocalyptic environment. Speaking of ranged weapons we have throwable weapons such as Throwing Knives, and Molotovs. As there is a blueprint for a Fire Arrow, we have clues that there are different types of the arrow that can be crafted or collected and a bow to use it. Therefore in this post, we have explained how to obtain your first bow and increase your Combat XP gain stealthily.

Bow Location Or How To Get Your First Bow In Dying Light 2

There are multiple crafting resources that we collect while going through boxes of stuff. To craft an arrow, we would require Feathers and Scraps and more importantly the Blueprint of it. Where to get this normal arrow Blueprint and speaking on to the topic where should we find the Bow? The answer all lies by advancing and progressing through to the main story and completing the “Time For Waltz!” quest.

Pipe Bow will be awarded along with the arrow blueprint in order to craft one and let you kill enemies or infected from quite far or great heights. After completing this quest, you can obtain better Bows as it unlocks the drop for bows as well as arrows, which can also be found while going through boxes and lockers or stuff.

Bow and Arrow damage can be increased by increasing the skills that relate to the ranged damage. After obtaining Bow and Arrow purchase the Fire Arrow blueprint from the craft master as it would prove to be more lethal by putting them on fire. However, it will cost 700 gold.

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