Dying Light 2- Marco Choices Result In Cheers To Tell The Truth Or Lie

Dying Light

In Dying Light 2, the game has hinted from before that there are a few major choices that might affect your endings and factions. During the conversation, there are certain dialogues that you have to select which are either colored white or yellow. White-colored choices are harmless choices that unlock the story and further choices related to it, ultimately unlocking the two yellow-colored major affecting choices from which you have to choose or decide whom to support. Similarly, in the quest “Cheers!“, you will have to make a choice whether to deal with Marco and lie about the poisoned water or tell the truth by exposing his mistake or intention. In this post, we have explained what would be the result of each choice and what will be the rewards.

Marco Choices Result In Cheers To Tell The Truth Or Lie In Dying Light 2

“I’ll Tell Them The Truth”

Selecting this choice will disappoint Marco and a boss battle will trigger showing his HP and Stamina Bar on top of the screen. His Heavy blows cannot be blocked or parried and attempting to block will let you suffer minor damage. However, you can dodge his attack but still, he will prove to be a worthy challenger. Ultimately, once you defeat Marco, you will obtain1x Flour, Combat XP, Parkour XP, and an extra-strong weapon.

Later after going back to the Bazaar, you will have to talk to Julian. After revealing the truth, you will be awarded Combat XP and Parkour XP for completing the mission. Whereas the major difference is Julian will be alive after this choice.


Selecting this choice will let you earn massive Combat XP, Parkour XP, gold, and Flour packets, however, framing the innocent guy will lead to his death by punishment. Julian will be gone from the Bazaar permanently. He will be hung up for the mistake that he trusted you apparently. This choice will allow you to earn more rewards compared to the other choice.

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