Icarus PC Best Settings Adjust FOV To Reduce Motion Blur


Icarus is a co-op survival game developed by RocketWerkz. If you have launched the game for the first time without checking the settings, you might find the graphics not so great and the field of view to be too small. You can change your camera angle by pressing the C key on the keyboard. Below you will find the best PC settings for Icarus and adjust the field of view to reduce motion blurriness.

Icarus Best PC Settings

Now as you launch the game, it asks whether you want to run it on Directx11 or Directx12. If you are not running on the RTX 3000 series, you might want to run the game on Directx11 for better performance. The resolution and frame limit should be according to the monitor you are using. If you are using a 144hz monitor, then set it to 144hz, if 60hz monitor then set it to 60.

Now you need to reduce the motion blur to 0 as it doesn’t look great while moving the mouse. Vsync should be turned off, but if are finding any screen tear during the game you might want to turn it on. Viewing distance should be set to epic to spot animals that are far away for hunting or find a rare resource.

While the rest of the settings you can leave it up to default or tweak it depending on the graphic card you are using. With better cards, you can leave the setting on high or medium if you are facing frame drops. The most important thing to change in the setting is the FOV (Field Of View), set the FOV to 100-110 to get the best camera viewing angle.

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