Icarus- How To Make Glass


In Icarus, the resources can be farmed pretty much easier if you have the basic tools such as a pickaxe to mine. We might need glass at a certain point to craft useful and most of the items at Tier 3. To create glass, you will simply need to build shelter first and follow the methods which we have explained in this post. The process is not complicated but the device or workshop needed to craft Glass need to be known.

How To Make Glass In Icarus

To create Glass, you will need to mine Silica Ore with Pickaxe that can be found during the exploration in an open area. The next step is to unlock the Machining Bench as a Starter for Tier 3 and, Cement Mixer and Concrete Furnace next. A Cement Mixer that has to be placed in the shelter is needed to create Concrete Mix.

A Concrete Furnace can be crafted once you have the required resources i.e. 12x Iron Ingot, 8x Rope, 12x Epoxy, 20x Concrete Mix. Place the Concrete Furnace in the corner when it is built completely. Interact and place Silica Ore in the Device Inventory and Wood in place of Fuel. Activate to process and craft a single piece of glass by consuming one Silica Ore.

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