Icarus Dry Run Expedition Guide Lay Wires & Generate Power For Drill


Icarus is a co-op survival game developed by RocketWerkz. In the Dry Expedition mission, you need to drill through the rockfall.  But before that, you need to pick up the drilling and fueling equipment from two supply pods. Below you will find how to place the solar panel, wires, and drill inside the cave to complete the mission.

Icarus Guide To Complete Dry Run Expedition

The mission can be a bit long as you have a lot of things to do, but before reaching the supply pods, make sure to have enough food and weapons to counter the wild animals. If you encounter any bears, you can check out our previous guide on how to dodge them.

Once you have collected all the items from the supply pods you need to find the entrance of the cave. All these locations will be marked on the map, so you just need to mark and follow the route. Near the entrance of the cave you might find a lot of cougars and hyenas, so be careful dealing with them.

Once you are inside the cave, place the drill and power it up to drill through the rockfall. Once the drilling starts, the cave worms will appear and throw venom at you that will deal poison damage for 16 seconds. You need to drill through two rockfalls to find the desert area and then return back to your ship to complete the mission

Icarus How To Place & Power Drill

To drill through the rockfall, you need to first place the drill on the rockfall inside the cave. Then go outside and put the panel so that it gets enough sun rays. It might work under stary night but we haven’t tried it yet. Then use the wires to connect the panel with the drill. You can’t fully stretch the wire from the panel to drill, you need to keep placing it on the ground and then connect it with the drill.

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