Icarus How To Kill Bear & Dodge It Easily Without Dying & Max Level Cap


Icarus is a co-op survival game developed by RocketWerkz. You will find various different types of animals that you can hunt in this game, while some will get scared of you and run, others might try to kill you. The biggest threat early game is from the bear, they are quite hard to kill and dodge if you don’t know the trick.

Performing different types of activities such as hunting, gathering, building, and cooking grants you XP and you can level up your character. As there are various different skills and talents to be unlocked, players can unlock limited skills out of them due to the level cap. Below you will find how to kill the bear and dodge it easily and the maximum level cap in this game.

Icarus How To Kill & Dodge Bear

If you encounter a bear it will be very hard to run away from it. If the bear is already alerted it will chase you up and even climb up the slope. To kill the bear you just need to use the bow and arrow and aim for its head when it runs towards you to attack.

As soon as the bear starts to attack you, you need to run towards it but go a little towards the left or right side, more about 15-20 degrees to left or right. The bear attack pattern is once it reaches near you, it will pounce attack you straight, then you run towards it a bit and quickly go left or right side to dodge. Once you get past the bear, again use your bow and arrow and aim for the head for maximum damage. It is also possible to lure a Bear into the water where you can shoot arrows while swimming back which also works against a pack of wolves.

Icarus Max Level Cap

The max level cap is 99 after the full release, which is not enough to unlock all the skills and talents in this game. If you are playing solo you need to plan your skills and talents that will help you during your later missions. If you are playing with a squad, you can all decide to distribute chores and roles so and unlock your skills and talent accordingly.

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