Icarus- How To Get Tree Sap


In Icarus, the basic resources which we are used to picking was a Stick, Fiber, Stone, and Oxite. From that, we have unlocked the Tech Tree and started crafting Bows, Knife, Pickaxe, Stone Axe, etc. The game is more of a grind and leveling up fast will be the only focus for the veterans as they will focus on unlocking more Tech Trees and Talents. The next second tier has better items and so goes for the next third, fourth and fifth tier. Similarly, Tree Sap is a basic ingredient or resource that can be used to craft life-saving items from one of the basic resources which we will cover in this post.

How To Get Tree Sap In Icarus

First, you need to farm XP and unlock Tier 2 Tech Tree. Unlocking Tier 2 is simply not enough, you will have to unlock Mortar and Pestle. After crafting Mortar and Pestle that requires 4x Silica Ore and 12x Stones, place the item in the Shelter and interact with it to open the Craftable Menu.

To craft a Tree Sap, you will need to place 4x Sticks on the Device Inventory. Select the Recipe i.e. Tree Sap and craft tons of it as Sticks are easy to find and fill the Device Inventory with it. Tree Sap can be considered a basic ingredient or resource for high-level craftable items such as Epoxy, Carbon Paste, Blood Thinning Tonic, and so on. There are other important resources such as Health Buff Paste and Stamina Buff Paste, and the list goes on and on that requires Tree Sap as a base resource.

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