Icarus- Cave Worms First Sighting And How To Deal With Them

IcarusIcarus is an unknown planet where hunters can be hunted and the surprise factor makes it more challenging in the first-time expedition. Once we are used to the predators or animals that are found in their natural habitat, we can prepare for hunting or combat. However, if you are low on the level and went out for a cave expedition which might have happened in Dry Run Expedition, you will encounter Hyena, Cougar, and Cave Worms for the first time. We found Hyena and Cougar near the cave for the first time whereas they are animals who can be found anywhere in the jungle later on. In this guide, we will feature one of the most troublesome animals or species in Icarus i.e. Cave Worm.

Cave Worms First Sighting And How To Deal With Them In Icarus

If you are focused on earning Currencies and completing the Prospect missions, we should always keep this in mind and be prepared for combat after completing any major objective. One of the objectives was to locate the cave entrance and drill the rockfall inside the cave. Drilling was the trickiest part as you will have to supply power to it.

Once you have supplied power and drilling starts, multiple Cave Worms will spawn. You can shoot arrows or engage in melee combat to destroy them. However, they spit projectile poison which travels slowly but once you are affected, the health will deplete slowly over time. It is recommended to attack Cave Worms with Spear or Bow and Arrow as you can dodge or take cover behind the rocks. For extra precaution, you can make Wood Wall with Windows to attack them which is overkill, still, it gives you enough cover and time to kill each of them.

As your levels would be low to deal with Poison unless you have reached Level 15 to unlock Anti Poison Paste. It is easier to dodge if you are aware of the danger, so make sure that you build a shelter outside the cave or near the cave as you can spawn and complete the mission effortlessly. If you are up for more informative guides on Icarus, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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