Icarus- Investigate Markings For Kill List Extermination

IcarusIn Icarus, once you complete the second mission i.e. to scan 3 locations using Radar, the various missions will be unlocked and one of them would be Kill List: Extermination. The difficulty of the mission is given Normal but it can be considered one of the tough missions where you will engage in battle against the predator. In this guide, we have explained all the markings that you need to track down and defeat the residing predator.

Investigate Markings For Kill List Extermination In Icarus

Once your dropship lands, you will have to track the predator and search for any clues. Open Map where the general area will be colored in yellow. After reaching the location i.e. at (G15), Interact with the Animal Scratch Marks as shown in the image below.IcarusIcarus

The second part of the mission will be to follow the Predator’s trail that will lead to (I13). In this location, you will find Animal Tracks as shown in the image below next to the mountain.

IcarusInvestigate Markings

Finally, the third part of the mission would be to locate the Predator at (K13). In this location, you will find Hunting Remains as shown in the image below next to the mountain.

Investigate MarkingsHunting Remains

The information says that the Predator’s Den can only be located in the Nightfall. Therefore, open the  Map after 18:00 and during that time you will hear a loud howl made by the predator. Once you reach the marked location at (J15), you will find a large wolf named “Kanis The Victor”, or “Bakan The Guardian” near his den. It is a boss battle, so make sure you reach fast before there is no vision.

If you want, you can fight the predator till morning. To defeat him, you will need to strategically approach the battle. Create a shelter and bed so, if you die and drop your backpack it can be retrieved easily. Craft a bunch of Stone Arrows or Bone Arrows as it’s foolish to fight the boss with a melee weapon. Next, instead of fighting him on the ground, try to jump on any of the stones and snipe with the help of Wooden Bow.

During hard times it might pounce and reach you otherwise, you can farm him and the pack of wolves i.e. summoned by the boss. Even another wild animal i.e. bear can be found in that location who will start attacking you alongside “Kanis The Victor” if your luck is rotten. If you are lucky, the predator will be glitched and stuck inside the rock or his den when its life is halved.

Otherwise, make sure you quickly deal the final blow before the predator runs back to the Den in order to regen its life. Once you defeat the boss, it will drop Raw Prime Meat which is high-quality meat. Return back to the dropship to travel back to the station and begin another Prospect to earn more Currency. For more guides on Icarus, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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