Icarus- How To Build Shelter & Place Doors


The shelter is an absolute necessity in Icarus due to the fact we need a camp to rest or stash all your item. It is the most important feature, however, you cannot start building up shelter from the get-go or the beginning of the game. There is a grind till you reach at least Level 3 or Level 4 and invest your skill in the Tech Tree. In this guide, we have explained how to build a foundation and proper shelter to save you from the storm and give a sense of relief that you have a home or camp on the planet.

How To Build Shelter In Icarus

As we have our astronauts suit equipped and start surveying the planet, the weather might change dramatically. The best feature in the game is that you will be notified beforehand about the weather condition. During the storm, you will need to find a shelter or build a shelter to save yourself from the calamity.

As we have tons of things that can be learned, we will need to organize and plan what you need to upgrade in order to invest your Tech points. Bandages, Oxidizer is important along with weapons such as Bow, however, Thatch Beam, Thatch Floor, and Thatch Wall, That Roof/Ramp or similar to that Wood Beam, Wood Floor, and Wood Wall are also crucial.

Once you have unlocked these Tech Trees, either Thatch or Wood, you will be able to build a shelter for your own. First craft Thatch Floor and Thatch Wall that requires 20 Fibers and 3 Sticks each. After building the foundation or floor, place the walls. To build the roof, you can use Thatch Roof/Ramp.

Icarus How To Place Doors

While placing Walls, you can long-press “R” to open the crafting wheel and customize your wall and place a Window Frame, or Door Frame according to your need. Build a bed to where you can respawn if you die, and Small Wood Crate to put all your important resources. For more informative guides on Icarus, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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