Icarus Respec Can You Reset Skill & Talent, Quickly Gain Exp Early Game


Icarus is a co-op survival game developed by RocketWerkz. In this game, you use your shuttle to travel to a new environment gathering resources and hunting to craft various items. Apart from that, you need to complete various kinds of mission that has been assigned to you.

If you are a new player or haven’t tried the beta version, the first thing you need is oxygen to survive. You can check out our previous guide on how to get oxygen and increase the oxygen meter. The first quest you will get is to craft a shelter, check out our previous guide on how to build doors and windows.

Icarus Respec

At the beginning of the game, you need to gain experience at increasing your level to unlock various crafting materials. There is a plethora of skills and talents available in this game that can be unlocked by leveling up. Because there are so many skills and talents players might get confused about which skills or talent to upgrade or later might want to reset it.

As of now, there are no options to reset or respec or character skills or talent, you need to create a new character in order to get the desired skills and talents. But if your character is quite a high level, starting from the beginning might not be a great idea.

Icarus How To Quickly gain XP at an early level

To quickly level up at the beginning of the game is to craft an ax and chop trees. Do not fully cut them, just chop the big trees and you will get 300XP for each tree chopped, this way you will quickly get to level 5.

To get the leather, fur, bones, and meat you need to hunt the low-level animals. To hunt low-level animals at an early level, you will need a spear. You can throw the spear with your mouse right-click. Hold the right click to aim and release the mouse button to throw the spear and hunt animals. You can also unlock the bow and arrow from the tech tree and hit the head of the low-level animals to easily kill them or else they will run away.

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