Century Age Of Ashes Win Spoils Of War, Destroy The Vault & Get Jewel

Century Age of Ashes

Century Age Of Ashes is a multiplayer dragon battle game developed by Playwing. There are few game modes where players battle among themselves in a 3vs or 6vs6. One such game mode is called the spoils of war. In ranked you will be able to play only this mode. Below you will find how to win spoils of war easily and things you need to keep in mind while playing this mode.

Century Age Of Ashes How To Win Spoils Of War

The main objective in spoils of war is to collect gold and store it in your vault. If you get damaged while carrying gold or pass through poisonous smoke you will lose some of your gold. While collecting gold for your vault you also need to keep an eye on the opponent players who are carrying a huge amount of gold. If you are playing phantom, place some mines in the common areas where you might think the enemy will pass through or near their vault.

If you are playing windbreaker, smoke near the enemy vault so that they lose gold while depositing in the vault. If an enemy chases you do not focus on battling him, try to dodge and focus on the dragons carrying gold or from the NPC. Sometimes the vault is locked and the team holding the key will get their vault unlocked while the other team vault will be locked. Then you can focus on opponents that are carrying gold and steal from them.

Century Age Of Ashes How To Destroy Opponent Vault

To destroy the opponent vault you need to collect the bomb and pass through the opponent vault. These bombs spawn randomly in any spoils of war round at the 1-minute mark. The team that takes the bomb and passes through the other team vault will destroy the vault and scatter all the gold around, collect these gold and store them in your vault to win the game.

When the bomb spawns your main priority should be defending your vault or destroying the opponent vault because until one team vault gets destroyed the bomb will be there on the map. The team whose vault gets destroyed loses at least 500 golds that can be stolen by the other team.

Century Age Of Ashes Jewel Guide

Jewels are spawned randomly in some of the spoils of war rounds. Once the jewel spawns you don’t have to worry about it, the jewel provides a boost to the gold but players shouldn’t waste their time chasing it. You will get 1 minute to hold the gem and during that time you should collect gold from other means.

Let the other team hold the jewel for 30-40 secs and the one carrying the jewel needs a few teammates to defend it. While they are busy defending jewel your team can easily gather a lot of gold. Then when then 20-25 seconds are left for the round to end, all your teammates can focus on retrieving the jewel or at least drop it from the opponent’s hands.

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