Genshin Impact- Paimon’s Portrait Painting And Albedo

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact the action-packed Cinematic of Albedo and Traveler, as well as Boss fight against Fellflower (Long Concealed Crisis), is a new addition along with other contents. Paimon’s Portrait Painting is a dialogue-based interaction with Traveler and Paimon. In this guide, we have explained what choice you need to select or else what might be the consequences.

Paimon’s Portrait Painting And Albedo In Genshin Impact

After interacting with the drawing page to Start Painting, Paimon will ask pretty simple questions where multiple choices will be given. The selected option or answer will let you finish drawing Paimon and the art will affect mood. The art or drawing of Paimon will disappoint her and Albedo will teach you about the art and help you draw a perfect art of Paimon as you don’t have such skill.

If you select an option then the art will be drawn accordingly and as you don’t excel in art, Albedo will fix it up. The dialogue exchange and monologue are quite fascinating. Frustrating Paimon and watching Paimon get happy, the shifting of mood and the voice acting makes it adorable undoubtedly. It is recommended to select different choices to enjoy as the final art will be corrected by Albedo.

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