Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- Plan Bee Archive Keyword To Search

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the case which we will obtain after completing all the 4 Cordona Police Station notice board cases will be the “Plan Bee” featuring Chief Inspector Placido. Access to Chief Inspector’s chamber will be granted and you will be investigating the room for any clues or lead against the gang called Hive. After obtaining the evidence that requires an Archive search for more information, we need to first focus and select one of the Archives according to the clues given. In this post, we have explained where you need to go and what to search in order to progress through the case.

Plan Bee Archive Keyword To Search In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The “Notes On The Hive Master” is the evidence that will lead you to the Archives. So, there are a total of three Archives in general that you have access to i.e. Police Archive, City Hall Archive, and Newspaper Archive.

First, fast travel to Cordona City Hall and enter the archives in City Hall. Make sure that In the Archive, select the evidence “Notes On The Hive Master”. Under that select, the three search criteria as follow:

  • Period: British (1800s)
  • Registry: Occupation
  • Districts: Miner’s End

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneThe “Property Of B.Queen” will pop up as a piece of new evidence that will lead you to the warehouse. The warehouse is located on Clay St in Miner’s End, by Stephenson’s Bridge to Silverton as shown in the image above.

Finally, reach the location and filter keywords by eavesdropping and follow the case according to the clues in hand. The keywords you need to keep are:

  • Never seen him
  • Typed messages
  • Contacts through proxies

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