Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- A Gilded Cage Bazookaeology Books

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneWhile completing the main story “A Gilded Cage” in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, Jon will bet you to find all Bazookaeology Trilogy. The first one which you must have found in Miss Imogen’s room will trigger or activate this bet. The rest two are located fairly in main story sites but they can be missed easily. Therefore we have compiled this guide especially to help Sherry fans collect the complete set of Bazookaeology and win Jon’s bet.

A Gilded Cage Bazookaeology Book Location At Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneThe trilogy of “Bazookaeology”, the second book can be found in the Champions Warehouse or the Yacht Club Workshop. While searching for any lead from the “Photo Of Imogen”, you will enter the Yacht Club Workshop. During the investigation, you will enter the Storage room situated next to “The Champion” Board. Scan the area inside and on the corner as shown in the image will be the second book placed.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneThe final part of the trilogy can be collected from the Archaeological Digging site. Once you enter the digging site and investigate the ruin, the image showed above shows where the final part of the book is placed. It can be missed easily as we focus more on the ruins and broken statues.

After collecting all parts of Bazookaeology, there will be a small cutscene with Jon and Sherry. The small exchange between these two makes the adventure more exciting. For other posts on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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