Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- String Theory Walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, one of the side cases which we obtain from eavesdropping outside the Cordona Police Station will be “String Theory”. The musician in distress who has lost his instrument is connected to your childhood memories. To learn about this case, we have straightforwardly compiled this guide that might answer your question.

String Theory Walkthrough For Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

After eavesdropping, you will learn that a local music teacher putting up posters in central Scaladio around St. Clement’s Cathedral. Once you reach the location and find the poster of “Stolen Violin”, further instruction for the victim’s location will be mentioned i.e. on Professor’s Rd, north of Adler St in Scaladio.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneThe professor’s house was quite near in the alley as shown in the image above. You will notice that while crossing the alley, Jon will start speaking about deja vu. Opposite to the professor’s house. Talk to the professor and enter his house to investigate.

After proper investigation of the case, concentrate and follow the trail which will lead you to the small market. Make sure that you have proper evidence marked while asking questions or inquiring from strangers.

Talk to the small kid and he will give you additional information. Then disguise and talk to any people from the market after perfect disguise. Make sure that you concentrate and check whether they have a negative or positive attitude towards you.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneNext, go towards West as shown in the image where you will find a drinking fountain as shown in the image above. From there you can concentrate and follow the trail to Wet Whiskers bar and fight thugs. Do not forget to inform the small kid to solve his trouble.

Return back to the professor’s house and return the violin. Jon will recognize the melody and poke your early memory. Later he will let you have the violin. The case will be closed and completed with everyone’s satisfaction, except those thugs.

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