Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- A Gilded Cage Archive Keyword

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

One of the main stories or My Story in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One i.e. “A Gilded Cage” is no doubt one of the biggest cases where you will be searching for the murderer who killed or planned Theodore Gilden’s death. Sherlock’s early memory related to Mr. Gilden and the sudden death might seem too coincidental. However, as a consulting detective, this case can’t be ignored. Inevitably, while solving the case you will come to a point where you will need to use archives by selecting the specific keywords in search criteria. Which Keyword and which archive you have to use are all mentioned in this post.

A Gilded Cage Archive Keyword For Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

First, fast travel to Cordona City Hall and enter the archives located in Cordona City Hall. Make sure that In the City Hall Archive, select the evidence “‘Ivory Baths’ Construction Plan“. Under that select, the three search criteria as follow:

  • Subjects: Businesses
  • Period: British (1800s)
  • Registry: Legal Documents

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneThis will pop up the required information about the Registration of Gilden And Swift Ltd. The location of the enterprise is at the intersection of Bazaar Rd and Arnaut St, Old City as shown in the image above. Later follow the instruction required to solve the case, and do make sure that you are collecting all the three parts of “Bazookaeology”.

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