Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- The Scapegoat Case Scene Walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the final case that can be obtained from the police station is “The Scapegoat” where cult and animal sacrifices are involved. The case requires you to find who actually stole the goat. Therefore, we learn the truth after investigating the crime scene and reading their testimony. In this post, we have provided the complete walkthrough of the crime scene recreation.

The Scapegoat Case Scene Walkthrough In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The location will be marked on your map i.e. Fast Travel to Cordona Cemetery” and advance towards the crime scene which is at “Forest Ruins”. The clear evidence and testimony for this case make the scene a walk in the park. From Scene 1 to Scene 6, there is evidence that makes it clear that the Priest has nothing to do with stealing and everything goes down to these 3 masked witches. After investigation, Sherlock can recreate the scene where there should be as follow:

  • In Scene 1, the Black Bird is pulling the goat which means that she has done the deed.
  • In Scene 2, the goat hits Red Lion.
  • In Scene 3, the Green Ox is tying Priest’s hand on the pole.
  • In Scene 4, the Green Ox is sitting and the rest were dancing.
  • In Scene 5, the Black Bird commanded other members to pull Priest out from the bush.

Once all the evidence is collected, fast-travel to the Cordona Police Station and report everything to the officer. However, there is another case waiting in Chief Inspector Placido’s office. For more guides on Sherlock Holmes, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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