Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- What Was Did In The Shadows Scene

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the third case obtained from the Cordona Police Station is “What Was Did In The Shadows”. It is quite an interesting case where bloodsucking vampires are involved. In this guide, we have explained the case location and how to recreate the scene, and where these victims or suspects were placed.

What Was Did In The Shadows Scene Walkthrough For Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The case happened at the Cemetery, fast travel to Cordona Cemetery. You will find a police officer standing outside the gate of a graveyard. Enter the gate and on the left side, the crime scene will start.

Investigate and collect all the key evidence from the crime scenes. On the far side where the grave was dug, check the witness location and search for the evidence. After collecting it all, recreate the scene where:

In Scene 1, a bald guy brings flowers, and near the stand, a reporter (the guy with glasses) was holding the surgical instrument.

In Scene 2, the guy with a hat holding the bottle of formalin, the reporter stealing the surgical instrument.

In Scene 3, the bald guy hitting with the shovel.

In Scene 4, the reporter punctures the neck.

After learning everything, fast travel to the Cordona Police Station and complete the case in order to collect the final case from the notice board. The final case “The Scapegoat” is a straightforward case whose location will be marked on the map. To recreate the scene, you will need to place the suspects in their apt. scenes and solve the case. For more guides on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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