Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- The Collie Shangles Scene Walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter one, the first board case we obtain from the Police is “The Collie Shangles”. There is the testimony of the suspects and witnesses who are present there. First and foremost, you will have to locate the bar as it will not be marked on your map rather only thing given would be the direction. In this guide, we have provided a complete walkthrough for the case and that includes recreation of the whole scene.

The Collie Shangles Walkthrough For Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

According to Report No. 18-04, a sailor was stabbed to death in a bar fight on Scarlet St in the Old City, west of Sesame St as shown in the image below. Once you reach the location, you will unlock the Fast Travel to Northern Old City. There would be a name etched on the wall i.e. Golden Eel.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Outside the Golden Eel bar, you will notice a police officer standing on guard. Enter the bar and investigate the crime scene. After learning the event, you will have to recreate the scene properly after reading all the clues given to you in the form of Testimony.

  • In Scene 1, the Sailor is talking to the Trader.
  • In Scene 2, Trader punched the soldier.
  • In Scene 3, the Worker broke a bottle on Trader’s head
  • In Scene 4, Sailer knocked the worker with a chair.
  • In Scene 5, the Soldier knifed the sailor.

After recreating the scene, go back to the Cordona Police Station and talk to the officer whose duty is at the reception desk. Once you complete the case, you can collect the second case “Splitting the Loot”. For more guides on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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