Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- Disguises, Relation And Social Classes

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, we had our second case “The Master Of Disguise” where we learned how to disguise ourselves. To disguise, first, we need various types of wardrobe or clothes and make-up to completely deceive a person in interest. In this guide, we have explained how disguise works and what we need to focus on while disguising ourselves.

Disguises, Relation And Social Classes In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

When you need information from strangers or bypassers strictly depending on the case, then they only speak to whom they like or have similar social classes. Use Concentration mode and learn what does he like or his occupation is. According to their clothes and presentation, you can deduce whether they are Noble or Goons.

There is a total of 6 Social classes and they are as follows:

  • Upper Class
  • Cordona local
  • Policeman
  • Sailor/Soldier
  • Worker
  • Hobo/Criminal

As you disguise, the Green bar indicates their likeness and red dislikes. After changing disguise, you can use Concentration and check whether they are hostile towards you or Affable before asking for directions.

Similarly, there will be cases in the future where on the casebook, icons will show whether you need a disguise or need to make inquiries to learn more. You can purchase a new outfit from Clothing Trader or can rent. New outfits will unlock as you advance or complete side cases such as Treasure Island Stage. For more guides on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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