Pokemon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond Best Starter Pokemon

pokemon shining pearl and brilliant diamond

Pokemon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond is a remake of 2006 NDS and is a role-playing game developed by ILCA. If you are an old-school gamer and a huge pokemon fan you might have already played the older version or you know which starter pokemon is the best. But if you are haven’t played the older version or new to the pokemon game, we have got you covered.

At the beginning of the game to start your pokemon journey, you will be given a choice to choose one pokemon among three. These three pokemon are each of different types which are Turtwig (Grass), Chimchar(Fire), and Piplup(Water). Below you will find which pokemon you can choose to ease your journey and defeat gym leaders easily.

Pokemon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond Turtwig, Chimchar, Or Piplup

There is nothing like the best starter pokemon if you are only going to play shinning pearl and brilliant diamond, defeat the gym leaders and complete the game. All the starter’s stats don’t vary that much from each other and the only choice you need to make is which type of pokemon you want as your starter.

Whichever starter you choose, your rival barry will choose your counter-type pokemon and you might have a bit hard time defeating him later on. But if your pokemon level is high enough you will be able to defeat other trainers easily. With that said select the starter pokemon keeping in mind that you won’t switch them for any other pokemon later on. So if you have a favorite pokemon as a water type, make sure not to pick Piplup.

You can keep up to 6 pokemon with you and make sure their type varies for each other to have all different types of pokemon that will help you defeat other gym trainers easily. While most people favor Chimchar as the game doesn’t have much fire-type pokemon. The final evolution of Turtwig is Torterra which is a grass and ground type pokemon. The final evolution of Chimchar is Infernape who is a fire and fighting type pokemon and Piplup’s final evolution is Empoleon which is a water and steel type pokemon.

Note: Each type of pokemon has its own strength and weakness against other pokemon, so make sure to learn the pokemon type chart which will help you a lot in battles.


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