Myth Of Empires How To Kill Boar Get Raw Meat, Fine Hide & Bones

myth of empires

Myth Of Empires is an online multiplayer role-playing survival game developed by Angela Game. At the beginning of the game, you will get a tutorial on how to craft different items and gather resources. One of the toughest quests will be to craft a wooden shield and for that, you need to obtain coarse hide by killing animals.

Once you kill an animal you need to attack them with your ax to obtain resources from its body. These resources include raw meat, bones, coarse hide, and fine hide. The reason the quest will be tough is that you will be under level and most of the animals you encounter will be around level 13-18. Killing a boar is quite difficult as they deal heavy damage around 140 and with two hits you will be dead. Below you will find a trick on how to kill the boars easily at a low level and obtain these resources.

Myth Of Empires How To Kill Boar At Low Level

To kill a boar at a low level you need to make sure the boar is alone and no animals are nearby. An ax is only required to kill the boar and skin it. Make sure not to get hit by boar as they will deal heavy damage and break your armor.

To kill a boar you need to make sure to stay at his backside and keep on attacking. As the boar will try to turn towards you and attack, but as the boar keeps rotating, you should rotate the same and keep on attacking. Check out the video shown above on tricks to how to kill the boar. This way you will be able to collect raw meat and various other resources that you need in the early game to craft items.

Bones and Coarse Hide are the two most important resources required for the early game as you can craft one hand sword with bones and armor with coarse hide. You can also cook raw meat to fill your appetite. In the video below you will find out how to cook raw meat.

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