Halo Infinite Best Controller Settings, Keyboard Controls, & Sensitivity

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer is a first-person shooting game developed by 343 Industries. This is one of the classic first-person shooter games that gamers from all generations can enjoy. But as you play multiplayer feature, there comes competitiveness in everyone that wants to be the best among the players they are competing it. Below you will find the keybinds for this game and the best controller setting with some tips.

Halo Infinite Controller Keybinds

The default controller keybinds are:

On Foot
  • Left Analog Stick – Move
  • Right Analog Stick – Move Camera
  • A – Jump
  • B – Crouch/ Slide
  • X – Reload/Vent/Interact
  • Y – Switch Weapons
  • LB – Throw Grenade
  • LT – Zoom
  • RB – Use Equipment
  • RT – Fire Weapon
  • Press Left Analog Stick – Sprint
  • Press Right Analog Stick – Melee
  • Up D-pad – Helmet Light / Mark
  • Down D-pad – AI Scan
  • Left D-pad – Switch Grenade
  • Right D-pad – Switch Equipment
On Vehicle
  • Boost / E-Brake – LT
  • Ascend / Brakes – RB
  • Descend / Tricks – LB
  • Fire Weapon – RT
  • Switch Seats – A

Halo Infinite Keyboard Keybinds

The default keyboard keybinds are:

On Foot
  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Backward –S
  • Move Left – A
  • Move Right – D
  • Jump – Space
  • Crouch / Slide – Ctrl
  • Sprint – Shift
  • Fire Weapon – Left Mouse Button
  • Use Equipment – Q
  • Melee – F
  • Throw Grenade – G or C
  • Reload / Vent – R
  • Switch Weapon – V Or Scroll
  • Interact – E
  • Zoom – Right Mouse Button
  • Zoom Level – Press Scroll Button
  • Switch To Next Grenade – N
  • Switch To Previous Grenade – B
  • AI Scan – Z
  • Mark – X
  • Toggle Helmet Light – T
  • Scoreboard – Tab
On Vehicle
  • Boost / E-Brake – Shift
  • Ascend / Brakes – Space
  • Descend / Tricks – Ctrl
  • Switch Seats – Q

Halo Infinite Best Controller Settings & Sensitivity

The best controller setting would be where you don’t have to remove your right hand from the right analog stick. During the fight, you need to constantly change your camera angle according to the enemy’s location. In the setting, there are various custom layouts you can change to and the bumper jumper can be considered as one of the best controller setting. Make sure the hold to crouch and hold to sprint is turned off in the settings. In Halo Infinite you will be able to change the keybindings of the controller completely, so you can also bind them according to your preference.

You should reduce the blur and camera shaking to zero that may act as a distraction. The sensitivity used by most of the community members are:

  • Look Acceleration – 5
  • Look Sensitivity – 6

Note: The best sensitivity of any fps game is the one with which you are most comfortable. You need to tweak a bit and keep on practicing till and improve your muscle memory in that game. There is not a single best sensitivity in any fps game and it will vary from gamer to gamer.

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