Halo Infinite Oddball How To Win Hold The Ball & Use Grappling Hook

halo infinite
Image Credits – 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is a first-person shooting game developed by 343 Industries. On the 20th anniversary of Xbox, fans all over the world are surprised by the sudden release of the game beta. Players have been anticipatingly waiting for the official release that going to happen on 8th December.

One of the events in the multiplayer mode quick play is to hold the ball to obtain a score and the team with the maximum score wins the game. But the drawback is that whoever holds the balls is not able to use guns anymore and their movement speed will also be slowed. This is done for fair play so that no single player can take the ball and run to easily score points. Below you will find a trick to easily beat the opponent in 1vs1 when you are holding the ball.

Halo Infinite Oddball How To Win 1vs1

If you are holding the ball, make sure to stick with your team if you find yourself in a 1vs1 situation, you can quickly use a grenade or quick switch gun to drop the ball and equip a gun. If you are playing in playing in a keyboard a quick mouse scroll will bring out the gun and drop the ball. That way you can surprise the opponent and take him down quickly, then grab the skull and run. If you are playing with a controller you can press Y to quick switch gun and drop the ball or press the LB button to use grenade.

Halo Infinite How To Use The Grapple Hook

Grapple hooks are one of the equipments that you can find on some maps. These are available on the blue equipment spawn zone and if any other player has already taken it, you need to wait a few seconds for it to respawn again. Once you find a grappling hook, it will be shown at the bottom left side of the screen and you can use it by pressing the “RB” on the controller or “Q” on the keyboard.

You need to aim at the ceiling or any place above you and press the respective button to activate it. Using the grappling hook you will be able to surprise the enemy by going behind them or escaping from the enemy.

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