Tavern Master How To Hire More Staff, Adventures & Tips

tavern master

Tavern Master is a medieval tavern management simulation game developed by Untitled Studio. The main objective of the game is to run your tavern, attract customers and obtain money. From the money you obtained, you need to expand your tavern and make it even bigger. To do so you need to hire more staff so that they can serve your customer faster and no angry customer leaves your tavern. Below you will find how to hire unlimited waitresses and chefs to serve your customer faster.

Note: Customers will leave if they are not served under 220 seconds.

Tavern Master How To Hire Unlimited Staff

In the beginning, you will be only able to hire 3 waitresses that will do all the work of the tavern but as you keep expanding to generate more money, with 3 waitresses the wait time of the customer will also increase. You need to hire more workforce and for that, you need to research the unlimited waitresses. You can only keep 3 waitresses near the bar and two near the kitchen. So after expanding you will be only able to hire 5 waitresses which will be enough for one floor.

Each waitress has different stats and as they keep leveling up you will be able to increase their stats. You can also reset their stats and increase them according to your tavern need. Keep completing the quest to earn dartboards and at one point in time, you will get an elite waitress from the quest reward. You need to fire one of the normal staff to replace her.

Do not forget to keep a guard and equip him with better equipment for high threat. As you will expand the tavern more thieves will be interested in stealing and if your guard doesn’t have strong equipment he will scare and run away. Once you get a new floor, you can now select each staff and assign them to a particular floor or let them handle all the floors.

To hire an adventurer you need to first complete its research, then place the special item in your tavern. Then once the day starts the adventurer will come to your tavern and you can send them to fetch food items in exchange for coins.

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