Tavern Master Get Special Gold,Royal Guest & Serve Only One Type Food

tavern master

Tavern Master is a medieval tavern management simulation game developed by Untitled Studio. There are four types of guests that will visit your tavern and for some of the rare research, you will need to get a visit from gold and royal guests. You need to expand your tavern and improve the quality of food to make these royal guests appear in your travel.

Tavern Master How To Get Special Guests To Complete Research

To complete your research at the later stage of the game you need to get visits from special guests. These guests come to your tavern when your food rating has increased. Keep serving and level up your recipe to increase their stars. As you keep leveling up your recipe the percent of royal guests that visit your tavern will increase.

You can also hold special events in your tavern to invite these royal guests. Make sure you check which type of special guest you need in your tavern for research and hold these special events according to that. To hold special events you need the ingredients that can be obtained by paying money to the adventurers.

Before hosting the special event make sure to have enough seating arrangements according to the number of people that are visiting your tavern because if you successfully accommodate all the people you will receive bonus money.

There are four types of guests which are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Gold
  • Royal

Tavern Master How To Server Only One Type Of Dish

There are there different types of recipes in this game which are:

  • Desert
  • Main course
  • Soup

Most of the time in your quest you will be asked to only serve one type of food throughout the day. To serve, only one type of food you need to visit the menu option and untick other types of food. The desert recipe is written in yellow color, the main course is red and the soup is green in color.

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