Skyrim Golden Hills Plantation Location How To Start Farm Unquiet Dead


Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The farming creation club is one of the mods that is added in the Skyrim Anniversary edition. To start farming you need to find the golden hills plantation farm that is located on the east side of the Rorikstead and complete a quest. If you have any other mod installed that might affect the area near the Rorikstead, the farm might not spawn for you due to some bug. Make sure you have the farming creation club mod only installed. Once you find the barn a ghost will come to attack you. Defeat the ghost and you will start a quest called the “The Unquiet Dead”.

Skyrim How To Find Golden Hills Plantation Location

Skyrim How To Complete The Unquiet Dead Bug Fix

Once you defeat the ghost go near the farm and you will find a body. There will be a journal near the body that you need to read and then enter the farm. Go to the basement and on the left side you will find a button to activate, that will open a secret door in front of you. Open the door and search the laboratory to find a journal that where you will find the evidence of Urval’s Guilt.

After that come out of the basement and head to the first floor where you will find another journal. Read the journal and then come out of the farm. Look straight and you will find four trees. Head over to the trees and behind the big tree, you will find the child’s skeleton. Search the skeleton and then pick up the Rin toy sword and return to the farm to place it. Once you have done it the ghost family will appear thanking you and handing you the key to the golden hill plantation. Make sure to read all the journals before entering the farm and inside the farm to successfully complete the quest without any glitch.


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