Shin Megami Tensei 5- All Mitama Weakness And How To One Shot Them

Shin Megami Tensei 5In Shin Megami Tensei 5 you will encounter various types of demons on your way forward. The Mitama is a unique demon that has multiple types and they all have different types of weaknesses. They can be distinguished easily as the colors for each type are specific but their elemental affinity is not fixed and is highly volatile. In this guide, we have focused on Mitama and how to find their weakness and approach them strategically.

All Mitama Weakness In Shin Megami Tensei 5

There is an item or consumable “Spyglass” that helps to learn everything about your opponent’s Resistance or Weakness, skills as well as include stats. If you do not own a Spyglass in your inventory then it will be troublesome as all Mitama might seem the same but their elemental affinity and their resistance towards elements are different. If you take time to defeat these pesky demons then they will escape.

Keep a variation of demons summoned in your party that has different elemental spells or attacks to counter any type of enemy. Instead of purchasing and investing in Shards, buy at least 25 Spyglass as they cost 100 Mecca and stock it back whenever the item count reaches a single digit. Purchase Shards for those elements that your party lacks as each shard costs 250 Mecca. You will be farming Mecca instead of spending them in one go.

Farm these Mitama as you can see they drop quite valuable items as mentioned below and they are usually one-shot away to kill. However, the spawn rates differ as you will need the DLC’s of Mitama. Learn what Mitama drops!

  • Red Mitama or Ara Mitama drops Grimoires i.e. used to Level Up your demons. They are capped to increase Levels according to the current Level of Nahobino.
  • Black Mitama or Kushi Mitama drops Gospel i.e. used to increase Level of Nahobino irrelevant to the amount of XP required to reach next level. When the XP is lowest use Gospel to instantly increase the level on your next combat phase.
  • Blue Mitama or Nigi Mitama drops Glory Crystal which is used to purchase Miracles.
  • Gold Mitama or Saki Mitama drops valuable relics that can be sold and exchanged for Macca with Gustave.

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