Shin Megami Tensei 5- All Talisman List And Shiki Ouji’s Talisman

Shin Megami Tensei 5

In Shin Megami Tensei 5, once you meet Shiki-Ouji in Nagatacho at Netherworld: Minato, he will dump a quest on you i.e. “Talisman Hunt”. The requirement of this subquest is to find and recover 3 Shikigami talismans that belong to Shiki-Ouji. In this guide, we have compiled all the data about Shiki-Ouji and how to obtain all 33 Talismans.

Shiki-Ouji Talsiman aka Shikigami Talisman

Shiki-Ouji will provide a subquest that will be marked on your map i.e. an Exclamation icon. Recover all 3 Shikigami Talismans and return back to deliver his lost Talismans. He will test his strength by dueling with you and once you defeat him the Talisman Quest will be completed. He will reward you with Brute Talisman.

All Talisman List In Shin Megami Tensei 5

As we know Talisman grants specific demons Omagatoki moves when the Magatsuhi is at Max. The Talismans are awarded after completing subquests or talking to specific NPC’s as mentioned in the list below:

  1. Avatar Talisman: Find 45 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  2. Avian Talisman: Find 30 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  3. Beast Talisman: Complete “A Wish for a Fish”.
  4. Brute Talisman: Complete “Talisman Hunt”.
  5. Deity Talisman: Complete “The Bull God’s Lineage”.
  6. Divine Talisman: In Container Yard, talk to an Angel NPC and defeat the boss.
  7. Drake Talisman: Complete “The Ultimate Omelette”.
  8. Dragon Talisman: Complete “The Gold Dragon’s Arrival”.
  9. Element Talisman: Find 10 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  10. Fairy Talisman: Complete “The Root of the Problem”.
  11. Fallen Talisman: Complete “To Cure a Curse”.
  12. Femme Talisman: Complete “The Demon of the Spring”.
  13. Fiend Talisman: Find 70 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  14. Foul Talisman: In Hamamatsucho fount, talk to a Slime NPC.
  15. Fury Talisman: Complete “The Destined Leader”.
  16. Genma Talisman: Find 100 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  17. Haunt Talisman: Complete “A Preta Predicament”.
  18. Herald Talisman: Complete “The Holy Ring”.
  19. Holy Talisman: Find 55 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  20. Jaki Talisman: In Diet Building, talk to Rakshasa.
  21. Jirae Talisman: Complete “Chakra Drop Chomp”.
  22. Kishin Talisman: Find 90 Miman and talk to Gustave.
  23. Kunitsu Talisman: Complete “Clash with the Kunitsukami”.
  24. Lady Talisman: Complete “The Falcon’s Head”.
  25. Megami Talisman: Complete “The Horn of Plenty”.
  26. Night Talisman: Complete “Kumbhanda’s Bottle”.
  27. Raptor Talisman: Complete “Movin’ on Up”.
  28. Snake Talisman: In the tunnel under Mishaguji, talk to Yurlunger.
  29. Tyrant Talisman: Complete “The Winged Sun”.
  30. Vile Talisman: Complete “Magic from the East”.
  31. Wargod Talisman: Complete “No Stone Unturned”.
  32. Wilder Talisman: In the Container Yard there is a warehouse where talk to Nue.
  33. Yoma Talisman: Complete “Pollution Panic”.

These are the total Talisman that can be obtained to use skills of respective demon class. However, you cannot use them all the time due to the fact Magatsuhi bar cannot be filled quickly. Unless you have purchased Miracles at the expense of Glory.

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