Sherlock Holmes Chapter One- How To Perform Alchemy

Sherlock Holmes Chapter OneIn Sherlock Holmes Chapter One we had to handle chemical substances and perform Chemical operations to find out which chemical element is used or we are dealing at a point in a substance. The first Chemical Operations we need to perform will be on Ectoplasm. In this guide, we have explained how you can perform Alchemy which will be useful later on.

How To Perform Alchemy In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

On the page, we have available Reagents and the number of Chemical Operations allowed to combine and match the target formula i.e. present on the right. The instructions to perform Alchemy are as followed:

  • You will need to drag two Reagents necessary on the left box.
  • Next drag Chemical Operations on the left box where Reagents are placed.
  • Link both Reagents to the Chemical Operation.

Chemical Operations

Link Chemical Operation to the final required result to reveal the chemical element as shown in the image above. This is crucial to solve any type of given case as it can help deduce parts of the story. In the first case, the chemical element found was Phosphorus. Similarly, later you will have to conduct Chemical operations or Alchemy all alone.

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